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NEW SYLLABUS READY!! I’m a recent graduate from the academically selective Girraween High School (top 20), and I understand the importance of not only getting good results, but also garnering a solid understanding of mathematics throughout high school.

I was ranked Top 5 for both Extension 1 and Extension 2 Mathematics with a mark of 97 and 94 respectively, and am willing to provide private tutoring for these subjects for all high school students. I consistently scored high marks in mathematics exams due to my in depth knowledge of the subject, and would love to pass this knowledge onto students who want to excel in their HSC.

I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and Bachelor of Information Technology.

Hourly rate is $40 for one student and $70 for 2 students who are in the same grade. Feel free to contact me directly through High School Tutors.


  • Australian Maths Competition 2017 - High Distinction
  • Australian Maths Competition 2018 - High Distinction
  • University of Newcastle Business Plan Challenge 2018: Certificate of High Distinction
  • Principal's Award - Gold
  • Macquarie University Cyber Security Challenge – 2nd Place
  • Australia Business Week - Overall Winners
  • Duke of Ed Bronze
  • Duke of Ed Silver
  • ICAS Computer Skills 2014 - High Distinction


Extension 1 Mathematics: 97
Extension 2 Mathematics: 94


  • Basketaball
  • Guitar
  • Swimming


Character references

Kush's in-depth knowledge and dedication towards mathematics is what sets him apart from the crowd. His patient nature and mathematical approaches help his students understand and tackle difficult mathematics problems step by step. His perfect score of 100 in year 12 Maths Extension 2 renders him useful and worthwhile for students who wish to score top marks in year 11 and 12.
- By Yashvi Luthra on 23rd November 2019

Very motivated in the field of maths and taught me pretty much all maths concepts that I know now.
- By Ashraya Nepal on 17th November 2019

Polite, great tutor and very dedicated to improving the results of his student. Very satisfied with his help.
- By Yousuf Kazi on 24th January 2018


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