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*HSC ENGLISH MARK 95/100* EXT 1: 94/100 EXT 2: 90/100
I am providing online tutoring & essay marking services to comply with current social distancing recommendations.

Hi! I’m Nicky and I have recently completed my HSC, graduating from Castle Hill High School as an all-rounder, with an atar of 97.2 and and currently studying Commerce/Advanced studies at the University of Sydney. It is my goal to provide quality tuition to high school students of all capacities. It is in my best interests to create a comfortable learning environment for my students and to adequately equip them with the skills necessary to succeed. Throughout high school I have learnt that success has very little to do with innate ability, but rather passion, dedication, determination and a regimented study routine - all of which i aim to instil.

I have had three years of tutoring experience whereby I have witnessed some outstanding improvements from my students!

I specialise in English, achieving the highest band in English Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2. As a 2019 graduate I underwent the new syllabus, whereby some profound changes were made. The new syllabus has increased in difficulty wherein students are no longer able to rely on rote learning and memorisation, but rather developing a comprehensive and holistic understanding of texts and concepts. This can seem daunting to new students, as it did to me, however with the right methodology and resources, students will undoubtedly develop a sense of confidence. The new syllabus has equipped me with invaluable knowledge and resources which I will share with my students. In my lessons I will target specific needs by:
- Guiding students with assessment tasks
- Focusing on exam preparation and study skills
- Strengthening analytical and creative writing
- Consolidating knowledge on literary devices
- Encouraging conceptual thinking and analysis
- Providing valuable and relevant resources of my own

English Advanced (95/100), Rank: (2/100)
English Extension 1 (47/50),
English Extension 2 (45/50)

Despite my passion for English, as an all-rounder, I have excelled in all my subjects including Modern History, Legal Studies, Visual Arts and Advanced Mathematics. So please do not hesitate to contact me regarding these subjects.

Also feel free to contact me for verification regarding my qualifications.

Internal rankings:
Visual arts: 1st
English Advanced: 2nd
English Extension 1: 2nd
English Extension 2: 3rd
Modern History: 3rd
Legal Studies: 3rd

$30 each for group of 2 students

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  • HSC Premier's award of All Round Excellence
  • 2nd place in cohort (year 12)
  • Celebration award - English Extension 1
  • Celebration award - Mathematics advanced
  • Celebration award - Visual Arts
  • Celebration award - Legal Studies
  • Celebration award - Modern History


Year 12 completed.
Mark achieved: N/A.


  • Travelling
  • Design/Art
  • Reading


Nicky has helped me a lot with English. She’s helped me thoroughly understand texts and concepts. She’s very generous with resources and is always willing to mark my essays. I definitely recommend her!
- By Maria on 10th February 2020

Nicky has been an immense amount of help and inspiration this past year. Ever since I started english tutoring with Nicky, I have been steadily improving, from a mid B range to an A range. She has taught me many tips that my teachers don't seem to touch on in class, which has given me a sense of extra confidence. English has always been a little bit confusing and subjective too me but she was able to lay it out in a concrete way which made it a lot easier to understand and improve on. She has also provided me with fantastic resources including her past essays and taught me her study routine which has completely changed the way i approach my exams and assessments
- By Hannah Kim on 20th January 2020

Character references

Nicky is a highly conscientious and well spoken student who puts in total effort in all aspects of life. She has a strong commitment to her learning and is very patient. I have no doubt she will be of great benefit to the learning of others.
- By Dianne Turner on 22nd January 2020


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